東京よりも福岡よりも下関がチェゴ(最高)!な理由 / The reason why she like Shimonoseki better than Tokyo and Fukuoka

名前:Seo YouJee

Name:Seo YouJee
Place:Uzuhouse ( hostel )


—How many times have you been to Japan?

Twice. I went to Tokyo last time.

—How many times have you visited the Kanmon area?

First time. I visited my Korean friends in Fukuoka and then came to Shimonoseki.

—Why did you want to come to the Kanmon area?

Watched “짠내투어” which is Korean TV program featured budget travel and they visited Karato Fish Market. It looked very fun! But they were closed today.

—Yeah, they are open only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Right! I didn’t know that!

—How did you make plans for your trip of Shimonoseki?

Asked my Korean friends who lives in Japan and I read some blogs. One of them, the writer traveled all over the world and he recommends Chofu in Shimonoseki in his blog so I went there today. Also I used “Never” which is Korean search engine like Google. 

—Did you eat something  or do you want to try something in this panel?

I want to try Fugu, but it’s expensive, isn’t it? haha Baked Curry looks interesting. I want to try it because my work is something related to food. I don’t know Tonchan, but I love Motsu-Nabe. It goes very good with beer! haha

—Are there any places you actually went or want to visit in this panel?

The Ferries Wheel in Karato was way too beautiful and took bunch of pictures! haha Oh, I got a new camera at the airport as soon as I arrived in Japan. I sent some picture of Ferries Wheel to my friends back home and they loved it!

—Did you actually buy a camera at Japanese airport?

Yes! haha It’s quite new! haha I’ll go to Mojiko tomorrow and I didn’t know the Pedestrian Kanmon Tunnel. Thank you for the information!

—Are there any points that you felt satisfied?

All people are very nice to me, all foods are great and all places are very clean. Many Koreans recommends uzuhouse in their blogs, but I thought it was just a place to sleep and didn’t expect at all. But when I got here and then…oh no this is absolutely super good! haha I’ve been to Tokyo and Fukuoka so far, but Shimonoseki is the best!

—Better than Tokyo?

Yes. The big cities looked very similar to Seoul and too crowded and busy. There were many foreigners including Koreans and I felt like I didn’t know where I was, but I explored Shimonoseki today and finally I’m feeling like I’m in Japan! I enjoyed Chofu very much as well.

—Did you have any troubles or anything you didn’t like in this Kanmon area?

Hmm…Everything was good, but I could say the transportation was expensive. And also I didn’t know how to exchange money in the bus and I pushed the button in a rush when the fare all I had was displayed and got off immediately. It was very far from where I wanted to go! haha

—YouJee told me Shimonoseki is the best city in where she’s been to in Japan before. I was very surprised, but I got why she felt like that way now. I thought foreigners were scared with Japanese language because we don’t speak English very much especially in small town, but maybe that makes them feel like they are in another country. We’re happy to have you here, YouJee! I enjoyed talking with you so much. Thank you!